Custom Work

I rarely do custom work because of time constraints due to worldly obligations like the real Finn and Remy (yes, they take more time and energy than this business!), the hubby, home, dogs, chickens, and yes, I have a day job as well. As for the limited "art time" remaining, it is filled with the many ideas floating in my brain that are bursting to be shared. So rarely is there a moment of silence around here - inside or outside.

That said, there have been many requests for custom work as of late and I do want to make some special pieces for folks. Perhaps you want a unique invitation for an upcoming wedding, to decorate for the arrival of a new baby, or wish to give a one-of-a-kind gift. I give personal works of art to my family and friends, and you should be able to do the same. So, I have decided to take on custom requests on a limited basis.

Original 9"x12" watercolor and ink paintings:

  • $500 featuring two people ($50 for each additional person)
  • Comes with a time-lapse video** showing the "making of"
  • And a high resolution .jpg or .png file of the image that you can use to make as many prints and cards as you like
  • If you prefer for me to make the prints and cards, please mention it at the time of your order and I can offer my wholesale price of 50% off retail. I cannot make individual invitations, only cards featuring the painted image. The minimum card order is 50. There is no minimum on prints.
  • Before you order, please look around my website and make sure you like my style. All custom work will be in a cartoon style, like the rest of the art here, so they will not be photo-realistic (which is pretty boring anyway ;)). 
  • I can only make two custom pieces a month to do my best work. Please plan ahead for special occasions and big holidays (like Valentines or Christmas) and contact me as early as possible in advance. The turnaround time is typically 2-4 weeks.

The process:

  1. Send me a main photo to model the painting after and identify anything you want removed or enhanced. Please send additional photos of each subject (person) if you have them, so I have more than one image to work off of.
  2. Tell me when you need the finished piece. Payment must be remitted at this time to reserve the delivery date.
  3. I will do a rough sketch and send it to you for approval of concept
  4. I will make the watercolor and ink painting and document it with a time-lapse video
  5. I will photograph it and send you a high resolution digital file of the original
  6. I will sign and date the original and mail it to you
  7. If you want any prints or cards, let me know at this time

    Feel free to contact me to check on my availability for 2018, and to see examples of my work (holiday cards, family portraits, etc.). Send an email to or message me on Facebook or by clicking the "Message Us" button at the bottom of your screen!

    ** Availability of time-lapse videos is subject to my technology working properly! I try my best to capture sharp video and to not lose my phone :)

    Remy is my little assistant. And Finn is my little obfuscator, which is why he's not in this shot.