How Finn and Remy Came To Be

branding finn and remy sketchbook

Hello and welcome! Come here to get a behind the scenes peek into my sketchbook, share in my good and not-so-good ideas, and follow me as I blindly figure out this strange business of illustration.

Two weeks ago, while building this website (my first since Angelfire circa 2000), I decided that a rebranding was in order. I had been using the name of an old Etsy shop (that sold all of 2 products - thanks, friends!), called The Littlest Gallery. Just because it was there and I had put a lot of thought into it once upon a time. Oh, and because I just ordered 500 business cards that identified it as my shop. Put the cart before the horse and now I can't find enough places around Dallas to drop those cards.

Why did I rebrand? Well, first because I barely had a brand at all. It was not even searchable on the Etsy search engine. Second, as cute of a name as "The Littlest Gallery" is, it is also generic and entirely unremarkable. I could not spin a good story to make it memorable. And, as timing is such, we welcomed our second baby boy this August. His name is Remy, and his big brother is Finn. They both came into the world with a full head of black hair, and hair on their ears, and hair on their backs, and hair on their arms... you get the idea. The scientific explanation is that babies have hair on the bodies to protect them in utero and they arrived a couple weeks early before the hair had a chance to fall off. So my babies came out looking like curled up little hedgehogs :). Luckily, the body hair fell off quickly enough. And, if Remy follows in the footsteps of big brother Finn, the hair on his head will also fall off at about 6 months of age. In the most awkward pattern, starting from the back and leaving long wispy tendrils on the top and sides for last. 

Anyway, I digress. My boys inspire my hedgehog doodles so it is only fitting that the brand identifies the muse. Finn and Remy is born. 


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